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We've had poodles since 1997.  I love their intelligence and that they are "easy" dogs.  They go with the flow. 

We got our first Portuguese Water Dog, Miles, in 2013 and then added Pixel in 2014. I love the PWD because they are driven to do something.  Good grief, give them something to do!

I enjoy conformation and performance events with my dogs.

The performance events are my favorite activities because they show the connection and teamwork in the relationship.

I've done Therapy, Obedience, Rally, Draft, Water, Tracking and Agility.

Email me at

or call me at 989-854-4427

Located in Central Michigan

Fauchi smile.jpg

Here I am with "Fauci" from the Quarantinie litter.  He lives in East Grand Rapids

Pixel and I during a water trial.

My husband John who insisted on poodles when we bought our first home!

Abbie and I.  She is the reason I am a breeder.

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