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Breeding Philosophy
Why are Turkhaven Poodles Special?

Puppies are born in my bedroom and stay there in their whelping box until about 4 weeks old. 

On day 3 of life, the puppies start Early Neurological Stimulation as well as Early Scent Introduction (ESI). The button marked ESI video will give you more information on ESI


I supplement their nursing with a formula occassionally.  Not necessarily because they need supplementing but I believe this helps the puppies create more bonding with humans.  


Pups are handled extensively and introduced to new surfaces and experiences daily. Pups start a grooming routine at week 3 of life.  At 4 weeks I move them to the puppy pen where the fun really begins! Each day they are exposed to a variety of sounds.  Fireworks, thunderstorms, gunfire, construction, traffic, loud people.  I really believe this sets them up to be less sound sensitive.

They play with children and are taken for car rides early on.  Lots of outdoor time in the grass on on different surfaces. Puppies start crate training at 5 weeks and are used to sleeping in their crates by the time they go home at 10 weeks old.

Having worked with Brenda Aloff for the past 20 years I also use her Puppy Chronicles system which teaches the puppies how to switch from hind brain to front brain thinking more easily. For more information on Brenda Aloff go to  We also work on impulse control and opposition reflex.

At Turkhaven, I like to match each puppy with their family.  I've watched these pups interact with their environment and believe I can help identify which puppy will be the best fit for your lifestyle.  Brenda Aloff temperament tests the litter to also help with selection.

At 8 weeks puppies are vet checked, micro-chipped and start a limited vaccination protocol. 

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