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Turkhaven's Knave Of Hearts CD BN RM DCAT CGC ATT

"Jack" is owned by Carol Beens and loves FastCAT, Obedience, and Rally Obedience

UKC GrCh Turkhaven's Notorious RBG, FCAT3, DN, ATT

"Ruth" is owned by Heather McKinnon and myself.

Ruth loves conformation, FastCAT, Dock Diving and Agility.

jack obedience.jpg
thumbnail_Intense Ruthie.jpg

Turkhaven's Sweet Coraline SIN, SEN,VSWB
"Cora" is owned by Emily Renz-Hale and enjoys Obedience and Scent Work.

UKC Ch. Turkhaven's Unrequited Lover "Pelleas" is owned by Kathy Evans.  He loves doing field work and obedience.


Turkhaven's Fly me to the Moon, BCAT, CGC  "Flyer" 
Flyer is owned by Marie Acosta and loves Obedience, Scent Work and FastCAT!

Turkhaven's Phoenix Rising, CD, RI.  "Phoenix" has been working in Scent work, Obedience, and Rally Obedience with his owner Emily Renz-Hale

Turkhaven's Time Flies TKI "Chime"
Chime is loved and trained by Chris Evick.  She is hard at work in Obedience.
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